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July 21, 2008



The explanation sought by the west is simple - Singapore believes in "people and system" as opposed to the Western idea that the system alone is the solution, hence, the insistence on liberal democracy regardless of who runs and are governed by it.

It was Lee Kuan Yew himself who said that Singapore works largely because of the people who run it. Without them, Singapore is another Philippines.

It needs to be credited for its leaders, who are not perfect, but had the best intentions.

Singaporeans had allowed its government to run its affairs with little resistance because of the trust that they (the government) will invent and run a system for the common good, never mind that the system grants the rulers with so much power.

The Singapore system is merely the “effect” rather than the “master plan” the West likes to think it to be.

Singapore is never unique in this sense, the same way that liberal democracy is the result of the culmination of the good intentions of leaders of the Western civilization. But it (liberal democracy) took its time to rid itself of hypocrisy - thousands of years to be precise.

Remember how equal rights applied only to Whites ‘til the latter half of the 20th century? And in many “democratic” countries like South Africa and Australia, this still applied until the 90s.

But the difference is this – the Singapore system has been around for 5 decades only.

So we should give it a break.

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