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September 09, 2007



I remembered foundly that I had opened my POSB account when I was a little child at Bedok North Branch. Subsequently, after POSB was accquired by DBS, the branch was closed and we had to do our banking transactions at Bedok Central, which is always packed like sardines everyday.

Despite the acquisition, the staff continues to be friendly. And they are more friendlier than those in DBS.

Unfortunately, DBS has failed on us again and again. And I had to say farewell to my POSB account I had been holding since 1994.

I just feel that DBS has always neglected our national darling. POSB has the most depositors. Long time customers are die-hard loyal to POSB. But yet again, DBS took us for granted. Remember. in this time of crisis, it's the poor, the grassroots, who is funding the "rich" and "powerful".

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