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July 20, 2007


Etaoin Shrdlu

It really doesn't matter even if their numbers are false, their quality is bad, AND they can't understand one English word out of twenty. American corporate management just sees that they can hire an Indian "engineer" for ten cents on the dollar, and jumps at the chance. By the time management figures out that the Indian "engineer" slept his way through school and bribed others to take his exams for him, that he considers two hours of work per day to be adequate effort, and that he doesn't care whether his work product is functional or not (e.g., shoddy software that crashes in dozens of truly creative ways), the company is hosed, the product is hosed, and the American engineer who got displaced (often having been forced to train his replacement from India in order to be given severance pay) has already lost his house and has gone to work as a Wal-Mart shelf stocker. And by the time management decides to rehire an American engineer to fix the problem they created, they will decide that the skills of the guy they dumped on the street are too outdated to rehire him.

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