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March 24, 2007



Lesbianism is evil, completely evil! And the way it is becoming so dominant in Singapore ( and elsewhere) is enormously depressing.It is like a knife in the heart! So many girls are becoming consumed by their own ego-this is going to have major repercussions for everyone.
There are other 'things' going on-war, famine, environmental problems- but these could all actualy be solved with a little effort and attention. "lesbianism", is totally born of arrogance and vanity- and kills humanity from the inside out.
There is no good reason for this behaviour and there is no way you can convince any sane, sensitive ans spiritual person that it is "o.k".
We must strive against this vain, immoral, selfish and ultimately destructive behaviour.
The responsibility of people to live properly and harmoniously is vital, not this assumed "right" to do whatever they like.
Mosques, Churches and Temples in Singapore and around the world are correct to strive against this egotistical "lesbian" curse- as it is totally damaging, for those choosing to indulge in it and for the wider humanity.

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